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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Genetically Modified Foods and Human Health: What a Bore!

 Here's another refreshing Voice in the Food Wilderness.  Dr. Doug Powell, Professor of Food Safety from Kansas State University and publisher of barfblog  If you are bored with all the tired,  predictable GMO food hysteria look into this blog for a refreshingly humorous, but on target source of reliable information on that topic, and all orbits of the food safety universe for that matter.  Their rallying cry seems to be " We have a right to know if food will make us barf".

I think I like this bunch.

Combing through some of their "Genetic Engineering" posts came up with a few choice tidbits:

1) Dated July 11, 2011: "Genetically Engineered Foods and Human Health: I Get Bored Easily"

Here Dr. Powell relates an interview, kind of, with  in which Health Canada makes this statement:
“To date, Health Canada has not identified health risks associated with GM foods that have been approved for sale in Canada.”     

Neither has the WHO, the FAO,  the FDA, the USDA or any other credible organization that makes evidence based conclusions concerning the safety of food based on hundreds, nay, thousands of peer reviewed studies.
And then, Dr. Powell, who sat on the Canadian Biotechnology Advisory Committee in the early 2000's, said,  
.."reviewed everything that was out there and there was nothing to show GMOs present a risk to health." In fact, Dr. Powell has since moved away from researching the subject because, he says, “I got tired of talking about hypothetical risks.”
Then Dr. Powell adds "With at least 48 million suffering from foodborne illness each year in the U.S., I got plenty of work."
Boy, this GMO food and human health stuff is riveting, no?

 Dr. Powell is tired of chasing GMO Phantoms, are you?

Speaking of Phantoms Have you seen "Grocery Store Wars?"

2) Dated May 17, 2007:  "Where Will Genetically Engineered Food Place in History?"

Dr. Powell wrote this one while working on a book chapter about genetically engineered foods in the shadow of a Roman coliseum in France.  He lets go with this zinger:

"In reviewing the past decade of apocalyptic predictions related to all foods genetically engineered, I can only conclude, what a massive waste of well-meaning time, energy and money that could have been instead devoted to fewer people sick from microbial foodborne illness."

And then this...
"Whatever kinds of food production, processing and distribution system we humans come up with, what matters is not the technology, but whether the results make people sick. There's lots of food-related things that sicken 30 per cent of all citizens in developed countries each and every year -- genetically engineered food isn't one of them."
Is there any future in Genetically Modified Food and Human Health Hysteria.  Doesn't look too promising.  Looks so...boring...not a whole lot of meat to chew on there. 

Except maybe if you're a former dance instructor or Internationally Known Bestselling Author and are in the market for a few corporate shakedown opportunities...

All it takes is a little Confidence...

So forget the boring GMO stuff and go visit Dr.Powell at barfblog you're stomach will never growl again!

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