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Friday, March 18, 2011

Syngenta Bioline Takes the Lead in Production of Biological Control Organisms With New Biofactory in Portugal

Syngenta Bioline has been a leader in the production of biological control organisms for 25 years.  These organisms include beneficial insects and mites that are incorporated into integrated pest management programs in  horticultural systems throughout the world.  The company is again asserting their leadership role in the biocontrol industry by opening a new production facility in the town of Faro in Portugal.  More than 30 species of beneficial insects and mites, as well as bumblebees used for pollination are bred and propagated at similar facilities in the UK, Holland and California in the United States.

The production and use of biological organisms to control pests is a tricky business.  It requires not only great care and knowledge in producing them but also a broad knowledge of the entire agroecosystem in which they will be used.  Unlike chemical control products, living biological organisms are mobile and  have a mind of their own and can be difficult to manage for the novice.  Successful use of these organisms demands exceptional skill and understanding of the interrelation of the life cycles of the pest, the beneficial organism, and the crop system.

Another problem unique to use of biological control organisms is shipping them to customers around the world.  These living organisms must be packaged carefully so as to prevent their exposure to extremes of temperature, pressure, and handling on their journey.  They must then be released carefully and strategically into the field or greenhouse to ensure an environment favorable to their successful colonization of the location and impact on the target pest population.

The production of high quality organisms delivered by innovative systems marks the Syngenta Bioline commitment to facilitating the successful implementation of their line of biocontrol products.
The use of this type of biologically based product is best suited to horticultural crops grown in greenhouses where environmental controls are maximized.

The Syngenta brand extends beyond Bioline into production of crop protection products, seeds, and turf and ornamental products.  The "Syngenta Growing System" is the companies touted blend of ground breaking technologies integrated into production systems that are sustainable and profitable for their customers
Syngenta  is also continually working to improve their environmental footprint while maintaining biological integrity as they assist growers in reaching their successful production goals.
Syngenta has a considerable international presence in agriculture and will continue to be a player in reaching the goal of feeding 9 billion people by 2050.

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